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Top 5 Skills in Demand in New Zealand

We’ve examined job market trends across the 27 industries and sectors we recruit within. Below are the top five most in-demand skills that companies need nationally. These are the skills that are in strongest demand relative to supply. I focused on job titles to reveal the exact hard or technical skills at the top of the supply and demand imbalance.

1. Project Manager

Project Managers are in high demand across almost every industry. The reasons differ across sectors, but in large, this shortage continues as a direct reflection of the increasing volume and complexity of projects being undertaken by organisations. As businesses continue to roll out projects to capitalise on economic opportunities, adapt to changes in the regulatory environment, and embed agility or new technology into their operations, Project Managers lead the change and transformation program and guide a project’s output.

2. Architects

Architects with experience using different software, such as Revit and Archicad, are in high demand, as well as those with business development skills who can build networks and deliver business into a studio. These attributes are highly desired as Architects move into more senior roles, with visualisation through InDesign and Photoshop also sought after.

3. Engineers

From Civil to Electrical and Grid – in engineering, you name it, it’s in short supply and in high demand. With both federal and state governments continuing to focus on infrastructure building hiring demand is high right across the nation. While engineering skills have been earmarked to increase on the skilled migration list, it can be incredibly difficult for overseas-trained Engineers to get their licence accredited overseas. This can slow the transition of the skills into the New Zealand market. A continued focus on decarbonisation and energy supply transformation projects, means that these skills will continue to be in high demand, in particular we’re seeing a call out for Transmission and Power System Engineers.

4. Commercial Business Partner

Companies need to be thinking long term when it comes to business strategies and especially as mergers and acquisitions become a major priority for organisations. This is why professionals such as Commercial Business Partners will be in such high demand, as businesses seek commercially minded individuals to help take the lead on these acquisitions and risk analysis.

5. Trades and Labour

An increased volume of projects means that Trade and Labour will continue to be in high demand, particularly across construction-based projects. This trend is likely to continue with migration numbers still low, and the high demand for housing in major cities.


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