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CV Feedback

I recently conducted free appraisals of more than one hundred CVs and I’d like to provide some feedback. All of the CVs were either over the top or completely underwhelming.

There was either way too much information, or not nearly enough. Your CV is the key to your future in your new country. It’s a document that will open doors for you with new employers, give you access to new opportunities and provide for your family’s future.

But only if it’s GOOD!

Your CV needs to contain no colour; no frames, tables or borders; no images and no weird fonts. It needs to be no longer than three pages, but two pages is optimal.

I want to help you on your employment journey – I would LOVE to send your CV to employers and get you some interviews, but we have to make sure your CV is suitable first. I strongly recommend before you submit your CV to me for international recruiting purposes, you contact Roz Fisher from Résumés Etc, for a rewrite of your CV, Linkedin and Seek.

It could make all the difference! CONTACT ROZ FISHER

CV feedback


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